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Our Services

"We build organizations and careers"

Viswas Fire Safety Services Offers:-


FireMan suppliers in government organizations.
FireMan Suppliers in private sector like industries,construction sites, Malls etc.

Fire Extinguisher

We supply Fire extinguisher in government sector, private sector, buildings, hotels and all places where fire extiguisher needs.
We also refilling the fire extinguisher.

Training & Prevention from Fire

We trained peoples,guards,employees and others if fire flames started and capture a part of buildings/industries/hospitals/companies/shopping malls etc. & starting slowly to burn other parts of buildings/industries/hospitals/companies/shopping malls etc. Then how to prevent from fire and protect ownself & others from fire, what to be done if fire flames are high etc.

We also trained peoples,guards,employees and others how to operate fire extinguisher.

Installaion of Fire Safety Equipments
  • Installation of Smoke Detector.
  • Installation of Fire Alarm.
  • Installation of Fire Branch.
  • FireMen Dress Suppliers.
  • FireMen PPE Suppliers.

Job Field

  • Fire Engineering
  • Fire Man
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Industrial Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Fire Fighter
  • Fire Watcher
  • Safety Steward
  • Safety Marshal
  • Scaffolder
  • Scaffolder ForeMan
  • Scaffolding Supervisor
  • Scaffolding Inspector